Separating couples information sessions (Facilitation)

We meet separating partners together and give you both all the information you need to separate amicably. 
You decide together. 

What is facilitation?
Facilitation is a great opportunity for couples who want to be able to negotiate how they want to divide their assets and positively co-parent.  

  • Facilitation does not focus on one legal position against another
  • Gives you guidance about how the law operates in the family law court
  • Separating partners are provided with the legal information and tools needed for you to make informed decisions about your future.
  • We help facilitate the negotiations between you, so that YOU can work out how you want to co-parent and divide your assets
  • Helping you know what the important issues are that will need resolving.
  • Empowers you to come up with an agreement together
  • Costs are split equally between separating partners.

What does Facilitation look like? 
Separating partners get together with an experienced Independent Facilitator for a half day or full day session. 

  • The Facilitator explains the Family Law Process by providing information and education and directs your discussions
  • process, develop options, consider alternatives to help both partners reach agreement.
  • Separating partners reach agreements on financial and/or parenting components
  • Separating partners are provided with a draft agreement, which the partners then take to their own lawyers for formal completion and lodgement with the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.
  • You can have as many facilitation sessions with our facilitators as you both feel you need.

Both you and your separating partner need to be willing to work together to negotiate your own resolution.

Who are our Facilitators?
Our experienced Facilitators are Leon Berger and Barry Berger.

Why Choose Facilitation?

  • It’s a dignified, respectful and positive focussed pathway
  • A more accelerated positive approach
  • Lets you keep life altering decisions in your hands and not in the hands of a judge
  • Encourages you rise above the tit for tat and separate with grace
  • Allows you to keep the best version of yourself moving forward
  • Future focused and positive outcome focused
  • Cheaper than an alternative court lawyer led fight

Both you and your separating partner need to be willing to work together to negotiate your own resolution.

Do you give us each legal advice about our entitlements?
We don’t give you independent legal advice.

  • We do give you both information about the family law process and different options that you can both explore and help you negotiate together.
  • Facilitation does empower you and puts you both at the centre to come up with an agreement together.
  • It does not focus on one legal position against another.
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