We offer private mediations directly to you and the other party, directly to the separating couple, or if you would prefer, with the parties and their lawyers.

What is mediation?
Mediation is a type of dispute resolution that offers a structured process where an independent person (the Mediator) helps parties identify and assess options and negotiate an outcome to resolve their issues.

Who are our mediators?
Our mediators are Leon Berger and Barry Berger.

Why choose mediation?
In family law, most separating couples have to go through some kind of dispute resolution such as mediation. The benefits include:
you can book in it in when you’re ready – saving time
it is much cheaper than other dispute resolution options
you have more control on the outcomes – you can customise different options with the help of the Mediator to meet your needs
it is confidential – what you say in mediation can’t be used against you later on
it ends the dispute and provides a final outcome

What is the cost?
We offer different mediation services to suit your needs including:
half day mediations from 9.30am – 1pm
full day mediations from 9.30am – 4pm

Our fees are:
Full day mediation at our office – $3,500 incl GST
Full-day mediation (online, or another location) – $2,950 incl GST
Half-day mediation at our office – $2,000 incl GST
Half-day mediation (online, or another location)- $1,750 incl GST.

Usually, both parties in the mediation split the cost equally between them.

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