We offer private mediations directly to you and your separating partner.

Mediation is when you and your separating partner get together with an independent person (the mediator). 
  • The Mediator helps both partners to identify and assess options and negotiate an outcome to resolve their financial, property and/or parenting issues.
  • Costs are split equally between separating partners.
What does Mediation Look Like? 
Separating partners get together with an experienced Independent Mediator for a half day or full day session. 
  • Sessions are led and guided by the Mediator for the separating partners to discuss & navigate through the Financial/Property and or Parenting components of separation/divorce.
  • Separating partners reach agreements on financial and/or parenting components
  • Separating partners are provided with a draft agreement, which the partners then take to their own lawyers for formal completion and lodgement with the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.
  • You can have as many Mediation sessions as you both think you need.

Who are our mediators?
Our experienced Mediators are Leon Berger, Barry Berger and Athanasia Balaskas. 

Why choose mediation?

  • It’s a dignified, respectful and positive focussed pathway
  • A more accelerated positive approach
  • Lets you keep life altering decisions in your hands and not in the hands of a judge
  • Encourages you rise above the tit for tat and separate with grace
  • Allows you to keep the best version of yourself moving forward
  • Future focused and positive outcome focused
  • Cheaper than an alternative court lawyer led fight.


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