Frequently Asked Questions, answered.

Why choose Dignity.edr as your Mediator?

In a field of mostly females, we can offer you male and female mediators.
Sometimes having a male mediator can help a male separating partner feel more at ease.
Our Mediators are warm, experienced, empathetic and reassuring.

What is the Process for the Dignity.edr Mediation Pathway?

1.You and your separating partner both agree to the Mediation Pathway and sign our Mediation Agreement.

2. You complete our information portal “FamilyProperty”:

  • This will ask you for your details including your financial and parenting details.
  • You each log in separately to complete your details.
  • Information is secure and discrete
  • You will be asked to set a password for your login

3. We arrange a private individual 1 hour Information Session with our Mediator (usually via zoom).

4. A Mediation Session is agreed by both partners and a date is set:

  • Mediation Sessions run for either half day or full day
  • Most Mediations require more than one session to reach agreements.

5. You can call us and ask for further assistance anytime along the way.

6. Your Draft Agreement is prepared by us, then you both take the Agreement to an Independent Lawyer for formal lodgement with the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.

7. You get to move forward with your life in its new form.

How do I get my separating partner on-board with Mediation?

We can send our Information Pack to your separating partner directly, saving you from having to “sell” the idea to them.

The “Dignity.edr Mediation Pathway Information Pack” being sent by us confirms to your separating partner that we are independent and neutral in helping you nut out the nitty gritty in your separation.

Can we do Mediation Online?

Yes. We can offer you online or in person Mediation sessions.
In person Mediation sessions are usually held at our office at 101 Moray Street, South Melbourne (Or alternative venues can also be arranged, if required).
Online sessions are usually held via Zoom or Teams.

What is Dignity.edr’s availabilty?

We usually have options for appointments within a week or two.

Do I have to go to FDR Mediation?

In Australia, you cannot go to the Federal Circuit and Family Court unless you have attempted Family Dispute Resolution (FDR mediation).

There are some exceptions if safety to you or your children is an issue.

Family mediation is now compulsory for property settlement matters, and is a good way to avoid the Court, which should always be a last resort.

What if my separating partner won’t attend Mediation or FDR Mediation?

If the other parent won’t come to family mediation or family dispute resolution, then your family mediator can issue a Section 60I certificate.

Once this certificate is issued, then you can file this certificate with the Family Court and seek family law orders about custody, access and parenting, property settlement and spousal maintenance.

Family dispute resolution is compulsory, unless a matter is urgent or there are safety factors such as abuse, family violence or domestic violence, which mean that mediation would not be appropriate.

What if my separating partner won’t agree to Mediation, Collaboration or Arbitration?

If your separating partner won’t agree to attend mediation then you may need to consider engaging your own lawyer.
If we have not begun the process of Mediation for you, then we may be able to act for you as your Family Lawyer via our Law Firm, Dignity Legal. Please contact us to discuss this further, so that we can first ensure there is no conflict.

What can be the average cost of a Separation in Australia?

According to Money Magazine, the average cost in Australia to separate can be between $50,000 and $100,000. Separating through the Court system can be a lot higher, as well as taking a long time – sometimes even years.

By following the Dignity.edr Mediation Pathway, your financial costs, as well as emotional and stress toll, are significantly lower.

What effect does a separation or divorce have on my Will?

As your circumstances have changed, it is now a good time to update your Will.
To think about your new situation and amend your Will and Powers of Attorney accordingly. 
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