Your Mediation Mindset

Bring with you the spirit of compromise be open to communicate effectively. 

Bring your best self

Be ready to put down your guard and embrace a positive attitude to respectful negotiations

Embrace the calm:

  • allow yourself to think clearly
  • keeps you focused on the life you want to create moving forward
  • leave your emotional self at the door
  • think clearly about the best path forward.
Sometimes you may need to give a little to gain a lot, being the best way to move forward.
Keep things in perspective.
Think about defining the new path forward – define your new life and the vision forward.
Think of the positive co-parenting path


Co-Parenting calendar

  • Consider what the best outcome for the children would be for their living arrangements and schooling.
  • Write down all the special days that have meaning in your family, ie birthdays, religious holidays, other special dates. Consider what would be in the best interests of the children for those special days as well.

Table of Assets and Liabilities

Make a list of all assets and liabilities of you and your separating partner:

  • For assets, include all property, businesses and trusts, motor vehicles / boats / caravans, bank accounts, superannuation balances, furniture / household contents, artwork, collections, personal items ie jewellery etc.
  • For liabilities, include all loans, leases, mortgages, credit cards, borrowings from family/friends etc.

Add the current values (as much as you know) to each of the items in the list:

  • Locate current bank and mortgage statements, super statements, documents evidencing any family loans etc.
  • If you have an appraisal on property you own, use those figures.

We’ll help you and your separating partner navigate each point and facilitate you coming
 to an agreement together