A respectful way to step forward.

Negotiation involves communicating with each other,  usually via your lawyers in writing, to put forth your views and your position to reach agreement.

What is Negotiation?

Negotiation  is a type of dispute resolution.
It is a way for you to tell your separating partner what your concerns are, put forward your views, consider their views, and attempt to reach a mutual agreement.
Negotiations are usually done by way of correspondence, and generally via your lawyers, in the form of letters between separating partners.
Negotiation can also be done in person (this can be by a round table conference).

What does Negotiation look like?
Both separating partners need to be on board and ready to negotiate

  • The separating partners can have their legal advisors seek to reach agreement through either written correspondence or a meeting between all concerned
  • Separating partners discuss and decide a positive outcome, which is acceptable to both partners 

Why choose Negotiation?
The advantages of hiring a Lawyer to negotiate on your behalf instead of pursuing your case through the Courts include:

  • It is a great first step to move forward with your life
  • you have a say in how your separation conversation proceeds
  • cost efficient and time saving
  • is flexible and is completely under the control of the separating partners
  • is a way for you to communicate positively with your separating partner
  • you are both completely in control of the narrative, and can choose what to agree 

Who are our Negotiators?
All of our lawyers at Dignity.edr are Negotiators.  You can select Leon Berger, Barry Berger, Athanasia Balaskas or Holly Hynninen as your lawyer to negotiate for you. 

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