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Family Dispute Resolution

FAMILY DISPUTE RESOLUTION What does Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) look like? by Leon Berger   Leon Berger is our: Family Law Accredited Specialist Lawyer; NMAS Accredited Mediator; and now accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP). We offer Family Dispute Resolution Services, and issue Section 60I Certificates as required.   What is Family Dispute Resolution (“FDR”) […]

Mediation Mindset for Separating Partners

For Separating Partners: taking the Separation Mediation Pathway forward looking for a collaborative pathway heading to a Mediation with your Lawyers accompanying you Mediation can set you on the path for the future and focus on what’s in the best interests of the kids. What do you start to think about and need in preparation […]

Mediation – Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS THE MEDIATOR’S BACKGROUND? Barry Berger Barry Berger is a Family Law Accredited Specialist, Collaborative Lawyer, NMAS Accredited Mediator and Arbitrator. Barry Berger is one of Australia’s most experienced family lawyers and is known in the profession for giving strategic legal advice in complex family law matters, an innovator in collaborative law and alternative […]

How to prepare for Mediation

So you’ve decided to go down the path of an amicable separation.  What’s next?   For Property Separations The first step in any property mediation is determining the Asset Pool. To assist in that – have you and your separating partner exchanged financial information? The most relevant information to exchange is: A list of assets […]

10 Tips on how to prepare for Mediation

10 Tips – how to prepare for a Mediation Make sure that there has been: full and frank disclosure exchange of all relevant information appropriate valuations. Many Mediations get stuck in arguments about information and valuations. To assist with the negotiations and ability to get to an agreement, please spend some time preparing an Asset […]

Who knew Separation Mediation even existed?

Who knew Separation Mediation even existed? by Margy Nixon It wasn’t until beginning work with the Dignity.edr team that I discovered that Separation Mediation existed. A friendly divorce is do-able. For separating couples who want positive outcomes without the high costs, time and emotional toil of the legal fight out – separation mediation is the […]