Who knew Separation Mediation even existed?

Who knew Separation Mediation even existed? by Margy Nixon

It wasn’t until beginning work with the Dignity.edr team that I discovered that Separation Mediation existed.

A friendly divorce is do-able.

For separating couples who want positive outcomes without the high costs, time and emotional toil of the legal fight out – separation mediation is the key.

We can make a positive difference when people need it most.

The Dignity.edr Pathway forward is, quite simply, a Better Way.

Separation Mediation is possible before anyone goes to see Lawyers to start the train of lawyer-to-lawyer commentary, which costs time, money and leads to emotional stress for everyone. The slow, heated and expensive Court fight is not the only way to navigate the separation space.  Separation Mediation is an effective, efficient and dignified option.

What is the Separation Mediation Process in a nutshell?

The Separation Mediation process is where separating couples meet and nut out the details of their separation with experienced and qualified independent impartial mediators guiding the couple through the process together.

Some organisations call it kitchen table negotiations/separation.

Couples get together with our neutral independent Mediator to discuss and finalise their Financial Separation (property & financial settlement) and/or Co-Parenting Separation details, helping you move forward with your new life.

  • Separating couples can stay in separate rooms and/or have discussions together
  • The Mediation can take place in person or online (via Zoom or Teams)
  • Sessions can take place over a single day or over several shorter sessions over time
  • Experts can attend sessions with you and your separating partner, ie: accountants, psychologists, financial planners/advisers etc.

 Conscious Uncoupling – What is it?

You will have seen articles and heard of the term “Conscious Uncoupling” in recent times.  It is “the act of ending a marriage or romantic relationship in a way which shows that the two people will remain friends and believe that this is a positive thing for their future lives”.

In the USA before either separating partner even thinks about lawyers, their first port of call is to arrange separation mediation.  The couple attend mediation sessions to sort out and finalize their financial separation and co-parenting details amicably.

Hence – Conscious Uncoupling.

Separation Mediation has stepped up to the plate, using an effective, efficient and dignified mediation tool. Encouraging peaceful separations rather than judges deliberations.

Litigation is no substitute for effective communication.

Enter stage left: Dignity.edr

Dignity.edr is Doing Things Differently within the Separation Mediation legal space.  Dignity is Effective Dispute Resolution.

The benefits of Separation Mediation are enormous:

  • The space to be heard – a respectfully guided settlement process, with both partners being listened to.  Peaceful communications.
  • Positive Co-Parenting – from now into the future.  Being able to sit together at the children’s life events, make joint decisions, supporting children through the changing map of shared parenting. Maintaining stable environments for the children. Showing the children how co-parenting and good communication can look and feel moving forward.
  • Control – having full control of your life moving forward. You both, not a judge, get to have control over and make decisions on co-parenting and division of financial assets.
  • Cost – keeping those dollars in your joint account, as opposed to paying separate lawyers to fight the fight, when it could have been handled amicably yourselves.  The cost of Mediation is significantly lower than the court battle costs.
  • Respect – maintaining respect for each other and for the relationship that you once had.  Respecting the new road forward in your separation.  Finding common ground.
  • Faster – turnaround time can be anywhere from 2 weeks to a few months, depending on how you choose to structure the session/s.
  • Positive – outcomes and brighter futures for all. You can now move on with your new life.

Our Mediators

Our mediators are Leon Berger, Barry Berger and Athanasia Balaskas.

Our mediators are qualified, extremely experienced family lawyers who are kind, empathetic, and able to guide separating couples through the negotiations of their wants and needs, in a respectful space.

The Message

 Help us to get the message out there and educate people separating, that there are other dignified ways, new ways to separate without the courts or lawyers taking control out of your hands.

If you, your friends or colleagues are in the throes of separating and want to know where to turn to for a dignified respectful positive separation – then point them in our direction.  We offer a 15-minute free consultation to discuss the process and what to do next and how we can help.