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Changes to the Family Law Act

Changes to the Family Law Act By Megan Kelly, Lawyer, Dignity.Legal    From 6 May 2024, a very important piece of legislation – the Family Law Amendment Act 2023 – which was passed last October in Federal Parliament in relation to parenting arrangements, will come into effect.  These changes will apply to all new and […]

Who knew Separation Mediation even existed?

Who knew Separation Mediation even existed? by Margy Nixon It wasn’t until beginning work with the Dignity.edr team that I discovered that Separation Mediation existed. A friendly divorce is do-able. For separating couples who want positive outcomes without the high costs, time and emotional toil of the legal fight out – separation mediation is the […]

What is Effective Dispute Resolution (EDR)?

Effective Dispute Resolution: A journey with Dignity EDR Conflict is just a part of life, and it exists in all kinds of relationships. Sometimes, these disagreements are only minor. However, couples with different expectations and opinions can sometimes have disagreements that unfortunately spiral, which can sadly lead to significant personal, financial and health issues if […]